Sunday, January 9, 2011

Porcini mushroom, broccoli and chicken red curry

Okay - so I really did make this one up as I went along! Hadn't been shopping in a while because I'd been a bit under the weather all week...I blame the holiday season and eating and drinking stuff that doesn't bode well with Cave-life....and this was pretty much all I had left in the fridge and press - so threw it all together, but it worked pretty well, I have to say!

Cooked chicken
spring onions
broccoli - partially steanmed, but still a little crunchy
dried porcini mushrooms (or other dried variety)
red curry paste (see recipe)
coconut milk
Soak the dried mushrooms in water for an hour.

Drain well.

Chop the spring onions.

Heat a little coconut oil and add the mushrooms and spring onions.

After about 5 minutes add the broccoli

...then add the chicken and red curry paste. Heat thoroughly.

open a can of coconut milk

Stir well to coat everything and blend the coconut milk.
Serve immediately! way to have the porcini mushrooms.

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